Secure Chemical Washing

Sometimes textiles cannot simply be washed. Do you want to keep your linen or clothing clean and in good condition? We take care of professional chemical washing. 

Stoppage and manual finishing are also possible. 

An environmentally friendly approach and permanent quality control are our strengths. In addition, we strive for 100% bacterial-free operations.

Contact us 

We will come and collect the dirty linen or clothing at your doorstep.

Everything is washed, dried and folded according to the washing instructions on the same day. Also, all repairs are carried out professionally. 

We will deliver everything nicely washed, dried, folded and/or ironed back into your wardrobe if desired.

Laundry Shop
Lierseweg 315, 2200 Herentals
T 014 23 59 14

Monday to Friday
8.00hrs. to 11.30hrs and 12.00hrs to 16.00hrs