It has been proven!

70% of the dirt found on the floors of shops, warehouses, offices, etc....
was brought there along by the shoes:

Moisture  I  Greases  I  Dust  I  Sand

Stop it at the door!

An anti-dirt mat with a judicious placement allows you to keep all this dirt out and make a real anti-dirt dam.

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Personalized anti-dirt mats


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  1. Cleaning is expensive
  2. The lost time of cleaning
  3. Damage scratches caused by this dust on your floors, parquet, etc... ( micro rock stones)
  4. The mechanical action of the dirt which affects your floors, carpet, upholstery, etc....


Our standard sizes of Anti-Dirt Mats

  • 75cm/85cm-90cm/90cm
  • 85cm/150cm
  • 120cm/180cm
  • 120cm/240cm
  • 80cm/300cm

*personalized anti-dirt mats
(do contact us)

Our operation

This anti-dirt mat must be regularly cleaned and treated (adhesive properties).

For these reasons, you do not need to invest in the purchase of a mat.

We place these mats in strategic locations and ensure a regular replacement service.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more questions.

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